Prototype and Fabrication

The Simulations’ LLC approach means precision.

Simulations manufactures per your specifications, prints and models. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, we have engineers, analysts, machinists, program managers, and assembly processes all available.  Project and manufacturing engineers bring their skills to your products through all stages of development, testing, and fabrication. As with many high technology firms, a vast capability we possess and extend to our customers is our seasoned resourcefulness, working with precision vendors, and learning new ways to make it happen.

Simulations does not do it all, but we do get it all done.

  • Part & Assembly Fabrication
  • Small | Medium | Long Run
  • Wire and Conventional EDM
  • Conventional and CNC
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Machining
  • General Machining
  • Prototypes
  • Lapping
  • Rounds
  • Honing