Project Management

Listening to the Customer's Voice

Experience lets us navigate the product life-cycle quickly.

Our Project Management approach provides balancing and coordinating schedules, resources, requirements definition, information exchange, event planning, prototyping, testing and commissioning. Project Management success comes from really listening... and being sensitive to the unique nuances of each project. It comes from extracting definitions and the persistent desire to succeed. Thorough attention to customer requirements is default. This philosophy has been developed in response to the changing demands of an increasingly complex marketplace where Project Managers interact with the vast array of technologies. Industry constantly requires reduced project management time and product development; thus project management is key. This awareness increases client confidence and reduces demand on our customer.

Responsibility is surely the essence of Project Management and it comes in many forms. From directing a team of individuals and keeping track of deliverables, to evaluating economic factors for future jobs, project engineers have a hand in many aspects of development and post-production support.

It is our responsibility to make sure that all the various elements are progressing, and that the project works. Project engineers are generally involved at every level of development—from concept to production. This requires knowledge about a broad range of subjects, from economics to materials...and the know-how when to dig deep and when to sit back and observe.

This variety of tasks and level of responsibility requires organization, patience and the commitment to listen to everyone. We enjoy new projects! We thrive on the unknown. As a small business, our strong suit is versatility. We thrive on being different and prefer out-of-the-box. Simulations provides an enthusiastic team during every phase of your project and shall provide all you need for success.

It's all about listening.