James E. Abitabilo


Jim joins Simulations LLC with over 20 years of engineering and engineering management experience. He has worked with Johnson & Johnson, Smiths Medical, and Clorox Healthcare.

He brings proficiency in high speed automation design, development, fabrication and assembly line procurement. Moreover, Jim has proficiency in manual assembly “pilot” line design, development, and implementation.

Most importantly to Simulations’ Team, Jim additionally has expertise in statistically driven (Six Sigma) process development and optimization, and is well versed in a vast array of processing methods / techniques in multiple realms, such as metals, plastics, composites / adhesives, bonding, welding, ultrasonic welding, spin welding, staking, injection molding (plastic and metal), plastic extrusion, machining processes (traditional and EDM), additive manufacturing (3d printing, Stereo lithography).

Jim is ISO, FDA, and GMP trained.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology