Simulations, LLC is a technology-driving engineering firm. Our products are engineering services, research and development, prototyping and manufacturing, and systems integration. We design and build things. We listen. We ask questions. We get the details then build it. A bonus is that we are not known for slick PowerPoint presentations.

We perform the analyses, simulations, designs, project management, prototyping, and fabrication. We deliver success by focusing on your voice.


In 2015: Simulations, LLC is adding a composite research and development lab to their facility.

March 2015: Simulations is launching their full-scale composite sabots in the Navy's Mk 45 5" Bore Naval Gun.

August 2014: Simulations completed the design and fabrication of sixty wireless alarm systems used on fire engines. Simulations developed the wireless technology that enhanced the original patented mechanical approach. These wireless alarms are devices that attach to fire hoses in the bed of fire trucks that alarm the operators if the hoses accidently deploy during transit to/from a call.

June 2013: Simulations launched a series of composite test specimens in the Navy's Railgun to characterize specimen material.

May 2013: Simulations completed the first generation design of a patent pending floating vessel vacuum system to dredge and retrieve golf balls in ponds and lakes on golf courses.

April 2013: Simulations tested the proof-of-concept golf balf vacuum head, with full success. The vacuum head was a proof-of-concept device to learn the behavior of golf balls when resting on the pond and lake bed bottoms. These tests demonstrated that vacuuming golf balls can be performed while laterally traversing a correctly designed vacuum head accross the pond bottom.

April 2012: U.S. Navy NAVSEA launched in their EM Railgun at Dahlgren composite sabots which are recognized as the Navys' first composite sabot; designed and manufactured by Simulations, LLC.


December 2015: Simulations has been contracted to perform all structural analyses for a new complicated custom 30 Ton custom marine transport trailer.

May 2014: Simulations, LLC was contracted to continue developing the Navy's composite sabot, for their HyperVelocity Projectile (HVP) program. Simulations shall design, fabricate and test lightweight Advanced Sabot System Designs for the Navy Electromagnetic railgun and Mk 45 5" conventional gun systems at Dahlgren, VA.

December 2013: Simulation has been contracted by Liquid Pistons, Inc. to support development of their X-Engine High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle rotary engine.

October 2013: Simulations was awarded a Phase 1A contractor with The Raytheon Company to conceptualize, size and design composite sabots for the Navy's HVP program.

April 2013: Simulations was contract to design, develop and manufacture sixty prototype Wireless Hose Alerts devices to alarm fire truck operators if hoses have accidently deployed while in transit to/from a call.

January 2013: Simulations has been contracted by WaterDog Golf, LLC to design, develop and fabricate a first generation patent pending golf ball vacuum system to retreive golf balls from ponds and lakes.

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